On behalf of Safer Medical of Montana Inc,

On behalf of Safer Medical of Montana Inc,

We are writing this open letter to all customers, distributors, and wholesalers to address questions regarding Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. (SMMT), and our relationship with our former distributor, Enviromedica.


This letter is in direct response to statements and comments made by Enviromedica regarding Prescript-Assist.


Enviromedica (formerly LL Magnetic Clay) has never been a manufacturer of Prescript-Assist. 


Enviromedica was a former distributor of SMMT.


SMMT is the only manufacturer and there has never been any other manufacturer of Prescript-Assist.  Also, SMMT is the formulator and trademark owner of the Prescript-Assist brand.SMMT has many distributors with private labels as well, not only to Enviromedica.


Enviromedica’s CEO, Jared Ramirez, and Judy Phillips used to be in the business of bath salt and bath oil until SMMT allowed them to sell Prescript-Assist. Enviromedica contacted SMMT to purchase Prescript-Assist.


At that time, Enviromedica had limited knowledge of soil based probiotics, until SMMT provided Enviromedica with technical information, studies, as well as educating and guiding them.


Enviromedica is trying to develop a new soil based probiotic on their own since we ceased supplying to them.


SMMT allowed Enviromedica to purchase and distribute Prescript-Assist for the past seven years while using their own label design from 2013-2017.


During the business term, the product displayed the Prescript-Assist trademark. Again, this trademark is owned by SMMT.


SMMT discovered and informed Enviromedica /Jared Ramirez and Judy Phillips of fraudulent misconduct 03, MAR 2017.


Rather than correcting the problems, Enviromedica started making fraudulent statements to customers and wholesalers.


We believe Enviromedica and/or ‘their associates’ are submitting bad reviews on Amazon and sending fraudulent emails to wholesalers in retaliation for the fact that they are not allowed to sell Prescript-Assist on Amazon, nor to wholesalers in the future due to their misconduct.


SMMT terminated all licensing and distribution agreements with Enviromedica on Aug 9, 2017.


We ceased supplying any Prescript-Assist due to their non-compliance with SMMT’s guidelines for proper product labeling as required by the FDA.


While often claiming that they were the product manufacturer, Envioromedica/Jared Ramirez applied for and bought a UPC barcode for Prescript Assist as the manufacturer, and also registered with Amazon as the brand owner unbeknownst to SMMT, deceiving us, Amazon and our customers.


In 2010-13, SMMT enhanced some of the proprietary microflora blends.


The foundation of Prescript Assist has remained the same for all these years, even before Prescript Assist was offered on Amazon.


Because these microbiotas have worked so well over the years, there is no reason for us to change microbiotas that are enhanced, robust and elite within in the same family tree.


We continue developmental efforts to advance numerous aspects of our product; enhancing its overall effectiveness.


Enviromedica claims Prescript Assist is vastly different, without any science behind it.


We would counter with, “Not vastly different, but rather: Vastly improved.”


Simply put, Enviromedica was notified in Apr 2017 of the incorrect listing of current microflora, and they knowingly continued mislabeling, misinforming and misleading their customers after Apr 2017.


Enviromedica is well aware that our Prescript-Assist formula (with the new label) is identical to the one Enviromedica distributed since 2013.


We have supporting documents that our microbiotas have been the same as the ones we have been supplying to Enviromedica for many years.


We believe they are making derogatory statements to wholesalers and customers as a diversion of their misconduct and to take an unfair advantage for their upcoming product.


This is also in retaliation for not being able to purchase Prescript-Assist from SMMT.


We test every single strain of raw ingredients to ensure that we are putting in all our strains.


Due to their unique characteristics of multiple microbiotas in a finished product, with the present capability of the most sophisticated testing available at present, 28 microbes were identified.


The FDA only allows listings that have been identified through testing.


To be FDA compliant, the previous incorrect listing of ingredients on the label had to be corrected, and the correct number of microflora were written in the ingredients information section of the new label.


We also upgraded quality control and added pea protein to enhance the prebiotic effect on the microbes.


Therefore, we reduced the Leonardite and compensated with pea protein.


This addition of pea protein caused the capsules to be slightly larger and have a more polished sheen.


Also, SMMT continues to manufacture the previous formula (with the correct listing) without pea protein.


The number of microflora weights is identical.


Prescript-Assist light is the same formula without pea protein in a 310mg capsule.


Prescript Assist Light was developed from customer feedback where people wanted to take only half a serving and also to give to their children, as well.


SMMT has been the formulator and manufacturer of soil based probiotics with the technical knowledge of unique sequencing of microflora and proprietary blends.


Our manufacturing microflora processes require numerous, proprietary steps. These include complex ‘pulsed’ feeding mechanisms, with specific foodstuffs, which we believe are absent in products that claim to be similar or competitive.


Further to this, and while monitoring technical developments in this area, we know our competitive edge, and we are on the leading edge of soil based probiotics, as it dates back over 20 years.


Noteworthy is that other labs have tried to replicate Prescript-Assist without success.


Prescript-Assist presents a unique and elite spectrum of microflora.


We have been told by numerous doctors, scientists, and leaders in the field of microbiology that there is no competing product, anywhere.


Safer Medical of Montana is committed to our customers, their overall health and well-being.


We are proud to offer Prescript-Assist and stand behind it.


We believe Prescript Assist is the best it has ever been, and we continue to strive to improve efficacy as technology improves.


Safer Medical of Montana is dedicated to providing you with the best on the market and keep you informed of the benefits of probiotics and how they support overall health.


In conclusion,  SMMT is the manufacturer and formulator of Prescript-Assist. We are the ones who know our product best, and it remains the most trusted by our customers who have been with us for many years.


We hope this letter will answer your inquiries and we are looking forward to having you as our customer.


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