Probiotic for Acne and Gut Equilibrium Endorsing a Healthy Glowing Skin

Probiotic for Acne and Gut Equilibrium Endorsing a Healthy Glowing Skin

Probiotic for Acne and Gut Equilibrium Endorsing a Healthy Glowing Skin

Every time we see a bulge on the smooth skin with puss inside that leaves a black spot, we worry. The most irritating daily life harassment in this fast-food-slanted and pollution-casted world is an Acne on our skin that ruins every skin flawlessness in one go! There are several quick-tips to clear the breakouts but it has no specific or solo-treatment. And, if you think that acne is just the result of the wrong cosmetics or skincare regime, you are wrong. Our gut health controls 70% of our immunity and relating our gut health to our skin is a 20th Century old consideration which is an utter actuality. So the better is your gut, the finer is your skin.  

About Acne

Acne occurs on the skin when the hair follicles become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. The immune system starts fighting when it recognizes the presence of harmful microbiomes present in the body that results in inflammation on the body and skin. Acne is an inflammatory disorder that is caused by excess sebum production, follicular hyperkeratinization, and bacterial overgrowth. Science defines Probiotic as “live microorganism which, when administered in adequate amounts, confers a health benefit on the host”. Probiotic helps for acne treatment both orally and topically. 

The Gut-Acne Relationship

When there is a rivalry between the friendly and harmful bacteria in the gut, it results in dysbiosis. In response to dysbiosis or any infection in the gut, the cell lining of the gut becomes larger resulting in “leaky gut”. The beneficial probiotics help in good bacteria production that strengthens the gut wall lining. However, gut-leak causes excess production of pathogens, which results in rabble-rousing triggers in the form of Acne. Like our gut, our skin also has microbes called the skin microbiome. Some of the bacteria that are found on the skin are Staphylococci, Corynebacteria, Propionibacterium, Brevibacterium, and Micrococci.  Generally, probiotics can cure Propionibacterium bacteria that can trigger inflammation.

Role of Probiotic for Skin

Though curing acne is a very personal treatment but recommending probiotics from a company like Safer Medical MT can help. 

· Strains of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria can reduce the acne or inflammation by preventing the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines, TNF-a, IL-6, and IL-8 and increasing the anti-inflammatory cytokines like IL-10. 

· Excessive free radicals caused by an imbalanced diet can cause inflammation that increases the oxidative stress that probiotics can reduce.

·  Probiotic can rebalance the gut dysbiosis by boosting the good bacteria to reduce the harmful ones. 

·  Probiotic supplements can inhibit pathogenic bacteria on the skin.

·  Probiotic can toughen the gut-lining if it loosens and becomes a “leaky gut” that produces acne.  

·  Probiotic can regulate the bowel movement for those who suffer from constipation, bloating, and acid reflux that can cause acne problems. 

·  Mental health, gut health, and skin health are interlinked to each other. When we take over-stress, our stress hormone, cortisol releases in a large amount into our bloodstream. This can cause acne due to excessive sebum production. Also, stress can cause dysbiosis in the gut resulting in “leaky gut” that further results breakouts.  Probiotics can prevent all of these. 

Things your Probiotic should have

When it comes to skin problems and probiotic-cure for the same, Safer Medical MT can be an option. However, it is a must requirement to have the strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus’ which is beneficial to cure acne.

Having probiotics and Bad Lifestyle will Ruin it All

If you think only oral or topical probiotic can help the acne to go away completely and forever, that’s an out-of-the-world concept. With probiotic, a proper lifestyle is equally needed. Consuming yogurt and avoiding oily and low fiber junk food is important. You require having healthy food and vegetables along with the consumption of plenty of water to keep the skin flawless. Other than this working up or doing exercise to detoxify through sweat excretion is great to keep the skin clean. And lastly, if you want recommendation based on customer reviews to choose the right probiotic, you can consume a good probiotic from Safer Medical MT for healthy skin.

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