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How does it work?

With a daily subscription, payments are triggered every 24 hours. A day is always 24 hours, so this is no issue. But what about months where the number of days differs?

The amount of time between a monthly billing interval is one month. This means 30 days for some months (April, June etc.), 31 days for others, and then 28 or 29 days for February. If a monthly subscription is created on the 15th of February, the next payment will be charged on the 15th March. If the billing interval for a subscription is every 2 months and it is created on the 15th of February, the next payment will be charged on the 15th April.

View Subscription Page

To view the full details for a subscription:

  1. Go to My Account page.
  2. Scroll to the My Subscriptions table.
  3. Select the View button next to the subscription in the My Subscriptions table; or
  4. Click the subscription number under the Subscription column in the My Subscriptions table.

This takes the customer to My Account > View Subscription for a single subscription. On this page, the customer can: a) View and b) in some cases change the subscription’s:

  • status
  • start date, next payment and end date (if any)
  • line items, including products, shipping, fees and taxes
  • recurring totals (i.e. the total amount charged each renewal)
  • payment method
  • order history, including the original order, used to purchase the subscription (if any), renewal orders and orders placed to upgrade or downgrade the subscription
  • contact email and phone number
  • billing and shipping addresses

Subscription Management’s Subscription displays a set of action buttons below each subscription’s details on the My Account > View Subscription page. A subscriber can use these buttons to:

  • Cancel or Suspend an active subscription
  • Reactivate a suspended subscription
  • Resubscribe an expired or canceled subscription
  • Pay for a renewal order when the automatic recurring payment failed or the subscription uses manual renewals
  • Change the Payment Method used for automatic recurring payments
  • Change Address for subscriptions which require shipping

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    Easy to use and I needed this function! ty !

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