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About Heavy Metals & Leonardite

About Heavy Metals & Leonardite

Leonardite components -HA and FA - are well known to reduce toxicity of Pb and Al in soil environments to commercial and other plants (among other toxic components). Re-: Pb there are many animal studies also showing the effect extends to domestic and other animal models (Albeit Some trivial non-bio available often seen in the material pre-applications) Studies of Nuro protection against aluminum and animals are far less frequent, but The above is an example of aluminum toxicity reductions by a factor of 50% in an animal model (i.e. fish).
Bottom line: Leonardite -; As it ties up such metal forms; is in fact Neuroprotective Against both Pb and Al from other food and water sources.

  Leonardite/ Humic acid and fulvic acid -nothing less than mother nature's miracle.

  Lignite Humic Acids as Environmentally-Friendly Adsorbent for Heavy Metals

  Search for patents USPTO, U.S. Pat. No. 5,626,881
(More recently, leonardite has been used as a dietary supplement)

  The Importance of Humic & Fulvic Acids

  Humate dietary supplement.pdf Link

  Read a full article & check certificate of analysis

  Our response Letter to Consumer Wellness Center (Michael Adams)

  Check Prescript-Assist



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