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Difference Between Adsorbent and Absorbent


The Lead in Leonardite is "Bound" into the structure, and as Leonardite is an Adsorbant

and not an Absorbant - our product will bind with lead and other heavy metals and take

See here for the Difference - and for which Leonardite and its components, to include Lead

will attach to Unbound Lead and carry it out of the body.


What is the difference between adsorbent and absorbent?

Difference Between Adsorbent and Absorbent. Everyone is aware of the word absorbent but might have not heard about adsorbent. ... Absorbent is the process by which a material absorbs some amount of liquid or gas into it. Adsorbent is a process by which some liquid or gas gets accumulated on the surface of a solid material ...Jun 10, 2010

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Difference Between Adsorbent and Absorbent | Difference Between

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