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Explanation of Pea Protein / Light / Previous Formula

[Prescript-Assist with pea protein]
Leonardite has significant amounts of fulvic and humic acid as a prebiotic in Prescript-Assist. 
SMMT added pea protein to enhance the PREBIOTIC effect on the microbes. 
Pea protein is a prebiotic for beneficial microbiota and alternate source of protein for vegetarians as well.

We put less leonardite and compensated with pea protein. 
The addition of pea protein caused the capsules to be slightly larger and have a gray sheen to them. 

[Prescript-Assist previous formula]
Safer Medical of Montana, Inc continues manufacturing the previous formula (corrected listing) without pea protein.
The numbers of microflora weights are identical with or without pea protein.

[Prescript-Assist light]
PA-Light is the same formula without pea protein in a 310mg capsule. Prescript Assist Light was developed from customer feedback where people wanted to take only half a serving and also to give to their children as well.

All of us have different gut environments. Please try and see which one works better for you. 


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