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Jeremy Beaman : Voters sue Wisconsin over district lines after census data's release

The lawsuit, which was filed less than a day after the Census Bureau provided states with detailed population data for decades, said, in part, that Wisconsin counties were no longer "constitutionally allocated" and were based on outdated data. He then went to the US District Court. The Western District of Wisconsin could thwart his plans alone if Democratic Gov. Tony Evers and Republican-led state legislators fail to agree on a plan for redeploying counties.

The plaintiff's lawsuit, filed by lawyers and the Democratic Document legal group, is largely based on the assumption that political networks will prevent the government from reaching an agreement on how to recall the state's counties over the next ten years.

WISCONSIN Begins the process of compiling a new political map after the publication of census data

"There is no reasonable expectation that the Wisconsin political arm will reach consensus on the timely development of an existing legislature and district plan that will work in the upcoming 2022 general election," the lawsuit said, noting the split in the Wisconsin government.

Plaintiffs point to delays in the distribution of county reallocation data, which the Census Bureau said about the coronavirus pandemic disruptions are responsible for shrinking the amount of time the state can form new counties before next year's midterm elections. The shortened windows increase the likelihood of a disaster, the plaintiffs said.

Such a grid could lead to changes in the current map of districts in order to organize the 2022 general election, thereby violating voters' rights to the same protection under the 14th Amendment due to the use of data from 2010, the lawsuit said.

“Because of the potential momentum, these courts must prepare to intervene to protect the constitutional rights of plaintiffs and voters across the state,” he added, noting that without a court decision, the voting power of Wisconsin residents would “melt”.

New census figures show that Wisconsin's population has increased by less than 4% in the past 10 years, and the state will not add or lose seats in congressional districts. The country's Republican Party used the findings to argue that only a few changes should be made to the redistribution process, the Associated Press reported.


The same lawsuit demanding judicial intervention in efforts to redistribute constituencies was filed on behalf of voters in Louisiana, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

The Washington Examiner approached the Wisconsin Board of Elections for comment, but did not immediately receive a response. Washington Examiner Videos Video Player by: YouTube (Privacy Policy, Terms) Tags: News, Wisconsin, County Change, Election 2022, Law, Federal Court, Census Bureau, Campaign Original author: Jeremy Beeman Origin Location: Voters sued Wisconsin across the county line following the release of census data.

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