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Prescript-Assist is Safe! ( Certificate of Analysis)

Third-party tested and NSF / FDA Compliant

We are aware of the recent article that was published that claims that our products contain hazardous levels of heavy metals. However, these claims are patently false and the conclusions made in the article are misleading.

The author fails to disclose that the levels of metals that he indicates are hazardous are actually well within federally recommended standards and far below a level that could be considered harmful. Keep in mind that metals such as those the author reports on are often found in our food supply and in dietary supplements due to them being present in the environment. For this reason, testing is required to ensure that any levels meet government standards.

Furthermore, the author of the article fails to mention that humic acid compounds such as leonardite have been awarded patents by the United States Patent & Trademark Office as dietary supplements for nutrient absorption benefits. Humate and humic acid compounds have been found to promote a number of health benefits and one of the most characteristic properties of humic substances is their ability to bind to and absorb metal ions.

Prescript-Assist is manufactured in a certified Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and FDA approved the facility. We comply with the FDA and NSF, for heavy metal contents and test for allergens. The product labels are examined by an FDA specialist to ensure compliance with FDA guidelines.

We have dedicated 20 years to developing, researching, and manufacturing a product that has been found to be not only safe but highly effective. We have had thousands of satisfied customers over the years and Prescript-Assist has been recommended by many health practitioners. We are committed to the health and well-being of all of our customers and proudly stand by Prescript-Assist and all of our products.

For your convenience and interest, I have provided links below to several articles that are relevant. I have also provided a link to the Certificate of Analysis for Prescript-Assist.
Relevant Links

  Leonardite components -HA and FA - are well known to reduce toxicity of Pb and Al in soil environments to commercial and other plants (among other toxic components). Re-: Pb there are many animal studies also showing the effect extends to domestic and other animal models (Albeit Some trivial non-bio available often seen in the material pre-applications) Studies of Nuro protection against aluminum and animals are far less frequent, but The above is an example of aluminum toxicity reductions by a factor of 50% in an animal model (i.e. fish).
Bottom line: Leonardite -; As it ties up such metal forms; is in fact Neuroprotective Against both Pb and Al from other food and water sources.

  Leonardite/ Humic acid and fulvic acid -nothing less than mother nature's miracle.

  Lignite Humic Acids as Environmentally-Friendly Adsorbent for Heavy Metals

  Search for patents USPTO, U.S. Pat. No. 5,626,881
(More recently, leonardite has been used as a dietary supplement)

  The Importance of Humic & Fulvic Acids

  Humate dietary supplement.pdf Link

  Our response Letter to Consumer Wellness Center (Michael Adams)

  Check Prescript-Assist



Eurofins Allergen Test Report


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I never doubted it! I was sad that Amazon pulled it so quickly without the facts. I came to your site and was happy to find you are still selling it. I ran out and have gone without for 3 days now and my stomach is a mess! I cannot do without your amazing product. Thank you!

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