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prescript assist no longer seems to work for me..

Hello I used to be a strong advocate of PA was the only probiotic that helped me...for two years I was mostly symptom free but this was over three years ago that i was taking it.. just recently I purchased a new bottle with the new label and started taking it again but I have not noticed any improvement so fact I would say that some of my issues have gotten worse.. I have read online that the formula has changed but according to SMMT the formula is still the same and the old distributor had intentionally mislabeled the ingredients wrong. I am very confused why they would do that in the first place and even more so they got away with it for many years unnoticed by SMMT or the fda.. how is this even possible... ?? I'm sorry if I am being over critical here but when it comes to safety there should be no compromise and this issue between the old and new label has many unanswered questions that deserve some clarity. I have to admit I'm very reluctant on making future purchases as my gut is telling me something just doesn't add up here..please let's clear the air here and get some trust established with the public before it's too late for prescript assist..

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