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SBO's of Prescript-Assist® and Weight Loss


SBO's of Prescript-Assist® and Weight Loss

The vast majority of people and even their beloved pets experience the necessity of antibiotics; for one reason or the other.  Antibiotics however are a double-edge sword.  There is 'the bad' that goes along with the good.

Generally speaking, most people now understand that your beneficial microbial biome which exists throughout the body has many functions. One of these functions involves the digestion of the food you eat, and then the  assimilation of the nutrients created by the digestive process - where the microbes in Prescript-Assist® are very important and more-especially so, after even one course of antibiotics. The last phase of the digestive and assimilation process, is of course the effective elimination of waste.

The Bad is: Antibiotics are just that 'Anti' - "Against" - Biotiic "Life" - as in beneficial microbial life; to include those bacteria in Prescript-Assist® which are very resilient, but not necessarily oblivious to the damaging effects of antibiotics.

Weight Gain associated with Antibiotics - and Weight Loss associated with Prescript-Assist®

For the reader, enter the below underlined into a Google search, and you will see the below listed links. 

Even One Course of Antibiotics can cause weight gain. About 16,000,000 results (0.69 seconds) 

Antibiotics and Weight Gain: What You Need to Know | TheThirty 

Antibiotics: Are they making you fat? - Dr. Steven Masley 

How Antibiotics Cause Weight Gain - Lara Briden

Antibiotics May Lead to Permanent Alterations in Metabolism

Taking Prescript-Assist® - before, during (30 minutes pre or post, administration) and after Antibiotic Intervention can help preclude the damaging effects of antibiotics, and where weight gain is already present, may help reduce it along with diet and exercise.  (Prescript-Assist® is not intended for the treatment, prevention or mitigation of any disease. This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA)


Anti- Nutrition and Maintaining Optimal Weight

This will be an overview with hyperlinks, to a complex process we will try to explain in simple terms, while highlighting the basic facts and processes.

Fact:  The basic process of eating, and then converting what is eaten into energy for the body entails several steps: )1 Ingestion, 2) Digestion, 3) Assimilation and 4) Elimination. The body's microbiota is elemental to all four steps.

1)  Ingestion (Eating - not Inhaling your food) requires the mastication (chewing) of the food. This process allows for mouth bacteria, and the Saliva enzyme of  Amalyase to go to work, breaking down the food for further digestion. 

Salivary Glands and Amalyase production, etc. ( "Science Behind Human Saliva" is a  absolute must read link to better understand and comprehend the importance of the Saliva; to its inclusion "as the spiritual fluid it is" )

(Mastication)      Different Species of Mouth Bacteria (aka phylotypes) number beyond *10,000 - and during mastication many go into the food, enhancing the digestive process (eat slowly). *

Bacillus licheniformis - a Soil Based Organism also produces the amylase enzyme for further breakdown of carbohydrates in the gut.                                           

See: Health Benefits of Bacillus Probiotics by Dr. Alex Rinehart .... "Soil-based Probiotics support our gut and immune system....  While Bacillus strains have been used in probiotic formulations in Europe for at least 50 years, they have only become popular in the United States in the last 10 years with products such as Megasporebiotic (Microbiome Labs) & Prescript Assist  *(Enviromedica)." * Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. is, and always has been the actual manufacturer and trademark holder of Prescript-Assist®

2)  Digestion -

to be taken in or absorbed : to become assimilated Food assimilates better if taken slowlyl

The science of nutrition - the metaphysics of food. - NCBI


by P Saltman - ‎1995 - ‎Related articles

The science of nutrition - the metaphysics of food. Author information: ... An adequate food supply containing sufficient energy and all of the essential nutrients should be available and affordable. This may include nutrient-restored or fortified food products and supplements.


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